40 ways citrus oils can brighten your day

The Oily Guru

When you’re searching for a fresh, invigorating, palpably sweet yet clean scent, which essential oil do you reach for? The citrus oils, of course!

But how do you choose between Young Living’s eight bright oils? On the surface, they appear similar—all are cold-pressed from citrus rinds and have versatile uses—but every one of them features its own special traits to naturally enhance your lifestyle. Discover the versatility of each squeezed peel below.

Bergamot essential oil 

Constituents: limonene, linalyl acetate, linalol, gamma-terpinene, and beta-pinene

Also found in: Joy™Progessence Plus™ Serum, and Awaken™

Fun fact: Bergamot is often used in perfumes and colognes for its diverse undertones featuring sweet, citrus, and lightly spiced notes.

What sets it apart: Bergamot essential oil  includes hints of sweet and relaxing elements that add a feminine fragrance to your diffuser blends, lotions, and everything in between.  

How to use Bergamot

  • Embrace…

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