DIY men’s cologne

The Oily Guru

Some men live to conquer Mount Everest and wrestle polar bears, and some would rather roll down hills and make balloon animals with the kids. Whatever your day job or hobbies, this DIY men’s cologne will help you find the fragrance that captures the best version of yourself, whether that be Indiana Jones or James Bond.

Making cologne from essential oils doesn’t take an ancient discovery or a complicated heist. All you need is your favorite manly oils and a few basic supplies, listed below.

Before you get started, let’s take a look at the notes that make up a cologne.

Top notes quickly evaporate as they make initial impressions and are usually the first things you smell.

Examples: LimeBergamotJuniper

Middle notes follow quickly after the top notes, tend to be mellow, and create the core of the scent.

Examples: ValorPineCypress

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